Sunday, 2 May 2010

"Studies on fixed point theorems" by Zn'shñ member Franck Smith is available on Moscow-based netlabel Clinical Archives (ca375)

"Studies on fixed point theorems" by Franck Smith — click for free download.

These 41 studies are part of the preparatory works realized during the conception/composition of "Théorème de point fixe" - a discographic publication by Franck Smith influenced by algebric topology and scientific concepts on abstract spaces, around the ''fixed point theorems'' of Solomon Lefschetz, Bonislaw Knaster and Alfred Tarski... "Studies on fixed point theorems" documents the genesis of the official cd release and contains only inedit sound material not used on the final disc.

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
 (electronic manoeuvrings)
Recorded in September 2009
 © 2009 Franck Smith. 
Version for free-download - No commercial usings can be made from this recording.. Photo by Less is more — 
Graphic design by Elvire Bastendorff. *This work precedes the cd release ‘‘Théorème de point fixe’’ published on Odiolorgnette in November 2009.

Biography: Multi-instrumentalist, noise manufacturer and composer using electronic devices, self-configured digital percussive modules, vinyls, anvils, gongs, sirens, drums, theremin, piano, fictitious dialects... also (un)known as Ijnveïq de Ernestine, Tlü Ejtko, Phrenq, Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg... Franck Smith runs the private recording collection Odiolorgnette and works as an independant artist in electronic fields, experimental audiovisual contexts and soundtrack production. Member of the dual electronic unit Zn'shñ.

Recent discographic works:
* Franck Smith, "Théorème de point fixe" (odl.9173-658) Nov 2009 here
* Zn'shñ, "II" (odl.9173-657) Sep 2009 here
* Zn'shñ, "++" (odl.9173-656) Apr 2009 here


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