Friday, 9 October 2009

"Théorème de point fixe" — new solo work by Zn'shñ member Franck Smith


Noise manufacturer Franck Smith will publish a new solo album, one year after his electro-acoustic tribute to Edgard Varèse(1). Produced between Zn'shñ's two first albums(2) and the recording session of a third disc(3), this new solo publication by Smith titled "Théorème de point fixe" (Fixed point theorem) is scheduled for November and will be released on Odiolorgnette.

Influenced by algebric topology and scientific concepts on abstract spaces, this work for pure electronic drives the composer/soloist into a metaphoric piece around the ''fixed point theorems'' of Solomon Lefschetz, Bonislaw Knaster and Alfred Tarski...

An amazing mental piece in 37 parts dedicated to Japanese sound artist and experimental composer Ryoji Ikeda.

Franck Smith,Theoreme de point fixe,Odiolorgnette,odl.9173-658

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
(electronic manoeuvrings)
Recorded in 2009, time 40:25, Ref: odl.9173-658
Out in November 2009 on Odiolorgnette
*Digital tracks on
Franck Smith,electronics

Point fixe 02 (0:44)

Point fixe 06 (0:51)

(1) Franck Smith, "Le tombeau d'Edgard Varèse" — More details
(2) Zn'shñ, "++" and "II" — More details
(3) Zn'shñ, "Butoh sweets" (more details to come)